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It's the one time of the year I run , for company taxes. And as every year, I am amazed how beautiful the graphics have become below which all the crap is hiding.

Hey @jaller94, you are doing a talk on WebThings at Linuxfest NorthWest. I'm running a BOF first thing Sat morning on without the overlords. Seems related :-) Would you like to join us? DM me.

Having a visceral reaction to the term "Zero Knowledge Architecture" that I just came across. That's not what they meant, I'm sure! But I have come across way too many systems that could only be described as having such.

So fascinated by devs who can write Javascript that says "your phone number is not in the right format" but cannot write Javascript that inserts the dashes they want.

Good results of involuntary stress test: UBOS Staff went through washer and dryer, and works just fine. Note: past performance is no indicator of future results.

"I thought I fixed that". How to bore QA engineers everywhere.

@carsdirect is asking for a captcha before they let me unsubscribe from a marketing (spam) list. Is that legal?

Trying a new thing. MacBook on logical screen 1 and 2. VirtualBox on MacBook running Arch Linux on screen 3. And VNC connected to an Arch Linux laptop on screen 4. (not countain ssh connections to other boxes, and Linux containers :-P )

Global energy demand grew by 2.3% in 2018, its fasted pace in the last decade. CO2 emissions from energy rose by 1.7%. Anybody still think we are making the goals?

What's the equivalent of (Facebook) groups? Public or private? Is there?

To read the licensing terms for Microsoft Word, you need to run Microsoft Word. Hmmm ....

Obviously this is an entirely theoretical question, that would not possibly ever happen to me 👅

Today's developer interview question: You find a file named SCALAR(0x55c30e892cc0) in your home directory. What do you think happened there?

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