Driving to San Francisco yesterday, I saw two billboard ads for "get a home mortgage with no money down". Different companies I believe. The plot repeats, it appears.

Them: "We are doing X, and it will be great!" Me, carefully: "Hmm, it sounds like the laws of physics won't permit it". Them: "Yea, you may be right and it's impossible. But it will be great!" I had about 3 conversations like that in the past few months. How do I deal with this?

‪When they talk about habitat loss and declining insect populations, I hope they don’t mean me wanting to eat my beautiful basil myself. I’m not sharing it with caterpillars! No way!‬

"Cookies must be enabled ... to embrace privacy and security related issues regarding your visit to this site." ... "By enabling cookie support on your browser ... to prevent leakage of your privacy information." Hmm. icstation.com/

Are there any IP-based systems that are specifically made to work without a connection to the public internet?

My bank is sending e-mail advising how to secure my home devices. That was unexpected. Something must have happened that prompted this?

There's a new version of Paradux, software to help you recover from maximum personal data disaster. github.com/paradux/paradux

‪According to the state department as of last week, visitors to the US now need to list all email addresses they have used in the past 5 years. @apple, today, introduced automatic disposable email addresses. Now what?

#Google's cloud is down in some parts of the US. A HN user reports that they can't let their guests into their house, as their #Nest "smart" lock apparently requires Google's cloud infrastructure to be up.

Reason #125234 why current approach to consumer #IoT is a stupid idea and waste of money.

(The non-garbage approach to IoT essentially makes "I" expand to "Intranet" and doesn't tie physical devices to Internet services.)

‪I’m unreasonably happy to have implemented curves in today. Other than having an API that I like better than others, I’m not sure just what it is that’s making me happy about this. But then, who cares, Happy Is Good(tm). Who am I to complain. github.com/jernst/openscad/tre

I’ve warned for years that your next home may be an Amazon home, or Google home, in effect subject to their Terms of Service, and you don’t actually own it in any real sense. The prediction has arrived. wsj.com/articles/amazons-plan-

@FreeScholar hmm, my mobile client breaks the URL at the wrong place. Manual copy paste?

Personal data recovery is hard when maximum disaster strikes. With some and your friends you can be prepared. I'll be presenting about Paradux on June 11th at the @hackerdojo in Santa Clara, CA. Thanks ! meetup.com/SFBayLUG/events/261

The single most useful and underappreciated means of learning to better is to read and comprehend other people's code. Today I learned: | on the makefile dependencies line. Never seen once before in the half+ of my life I've been doing this.

Would love to buy one of those @hestiapi open-source thermostats currently being crowdfunded, but my house has two heating/AC zones, and I don't think it works with that. Still: recommended. crowdsupply.com/makeopenstuff/

Pro tip: try to avoid gall stones. Darn.

Stackie-Shelfie: a stackable, 3D-printable shelf system. By the way, 3D-printing is underrated. github.com/jernst/stackie-shel. Also on Thingiverse: thingiverse.com/thing:3655777

The closest the tech industry has to used-car salesmen is domain name registrars.

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