Make 2019 the year of setting up personal RSS readers for you and your comrades. Don't let them rely on toxic corporate social media for their news & content .

@Heavysnack if you’re setting them up yourself, check out some #IndieWeb technologies. There are RSS compatible readers that include social capabilities beyond that.

[ Microsub] enables you to follow blogs you’re interested in and [ Micropub] enables the social communication. And all this can happen from a site you own and control.

@Heavysnack I'm curious, how can I use RSS to free myself from social media?

@tobi it's can't replace the ability to interact with and post content, but can replace Facebook etc as a content feed from all your preferred sources.

I've got mine setup with subscriptions to news, blogs, YouTube, this day in history etc. All without having to log in, see ads(there are some in YouTube), fall into clickhols, or scrolling through awful comments.

@Heavysnack @tobi The Indieweb approach and social readers[1] such as Monocle[2], Together[3], and Indigenous on mobile[4] combine posting and social interactions with feed reading. It's super cool!


@blausky I use akregator on the desktop and newsblur on the phone

@Heavysnack @blausky
I’ve found “The Old Reader” to work well on my desktop. And on an iPad.

@jo @Heavysnack @blausky Feeder on Android, newsbeuter on Linux (especially if you're a CLI junkie).

Time to rediscover RSS and personal blogs!

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