TFW you realize you're the first generation to overhaul their YouTube feed into a grown ass adult's YouTube feed. ;_;

One of the perks of the job is finding abandoned office equipment. So many desktops and laser printers lol. FreeNas print servers for all my friends

Ooh slack has a new logo. Its like my boss getting a new colour of telescope to spy on me with.

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We should just have flash strikes where a flash mob agitates and everyone walks off the job at the end

Also, the save ink/toner feature in Acrobat DC is a god send. Along with recycled black toner for 10% the cost.

Apparently you can extend the life of your toner cartridge just by shaking it around to evenly disperse the toner

Been making zines/booklets using LibreOffice draw, but the process isn't ideal. Anyone have experience and recommended tools for FOSS zine crafting?

now you can also follow to @opensuse community here in Mastodon!!!

Have a lot of fun!!

Ugh. It doesn't have ink saving features. Has no one ever replicated Adobe's ink/toner saving in linux

Someone should make microXP into a flatpak

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is it possible for a mastodon instance to silence all instances by default

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