an anarchist meat loaf cover band called bread loaf

Great time at the 20th MTL anarchist bookfair! Might do a write-up on it soon

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New Zine on Hellen Heller and the IWW
In preparing for the MTL Anarchist Bookfair, our members have been busy creating zines to sell and distribute at our table this weekend. Our first addition is a zine on Hellen Keller’s revolutionary unionist legacy. .
#DisabilityJustice #HellenKeller #iww #Zines

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@emerican great videos on the IWW! Breadtube flexing hard on the business class lately. Keep it up!

Damn rolling releases got me rebooting all the time

Fresh, local, union made booklets from our revolutionary zine team :blackcat:

Solidarity Infopicket at Fairmont Chateau Laurier
After working without a collective agreement since Dec 2017, Fairmont Chateau Laurier front desk staff, maintenance, housekeeping, kitchen, servers, all hospitality and customer service have voted 94% in favour of a strike mandate [Source]. On May 4th, IWW-GDC Local 6 joined a co-ordinated info-picket in solidarity
#ChateauLaurier #Fairmont #Strike #Unifor

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Welcome to Local 6!
New members meetup and intro to the GDC ended with a values cloud excercise. Great work y'all!

For my co-op and org friends. Any recommendations for online-only banks in the states?

Dreaming of a decentralized IWW with massive online infrastructure for popular anonymous membership

What's a good use for an unrootable android tablet with a sim card slot?

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