For my co-op and org friends. Any recommendations for online-only banks in the states?

Dreaming of a decentralized IWW with massive online infrastructure for popular anonymous membership

What's a good use for an unrootable android tablet with a sim card slot?

Sometimes I just talk like Dr. Phil for days

It's easier to fileshare between my phones than between to boxes running opensuse.

How the hell are flying foxes not related to bats, and why are they real

What are common procedures for when someone quite a co-op. Do they retain shares? Are they bought out? And where does the money come from if they aren't an investor beyond their labour?

TFW you realize you're the first generation to overhaul their YouTube feed into a grown ass adult's YouTube feed. ;_;

One of the perks of the job is finding abandoned office equipment. So many desktops and laser printers lol. FreeNas print servers for all my friends

Ooh slack has a new logo. Its like my boss getting a new colour of telescope to spy on me with.

A play about the Winnepeg General Strike Show more

linux gaming Show more

Linux gaming Show more

We should just have flash strikes where a flash mob agitates and everyone walks off the job at the end

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