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"I spell my name in all lower case, because I'm not a fan of capitalism" ~brandon

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DisCO addresses many of the blindspots of the world. In a techno-deterministic future, is… What? Where? Automated? Are we ready to put in an incorruptible, write-only ? Why don't we do something funkier? If you agree, then welcome to DisCO. 👇

"How can CPC claim to be against anti-Asian violence, the workers demanded to know, if CPC forces them to work 24-hour shifts? If Chinese workers are abused by their Chinese bosses, how can they ever expect to be respected as human beings?"

Attn: UK cooperators

80 free training places are available for the New Economy Programme from Stir to Action & Power to Change.

The GEO weekly newsletter is out! We've got an interview with a Fairmondo co-founder, a multi-stakeholder Amazon alternative, and a discussion of the history, and impact of in the US.

failed covid treatments 

Strange that no one was mocked and shamed on social media for claiming remdesivir was a useful therapeutic for covid...I wonder why that is? 🤔

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Conversations drive decisions and build trust. At DisCO we talk things out.

As a DisCOnaut said once during an interview: “ So you’re probably bored by now because we’re just saying we talk a lot but this is what we actually do. We just talk all the time. It’s the way it works”.

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Calling all creative folks! Interested in lending your voice to a dramatic reading of a cooperatively written audio drama?

We're looking for 6 to 10 people for a read-through of an audio drama we wrote about a fictional co-op in the future called Mountain Munchies! If you're looking for a fun way to spend a couple of hours being dramatic, we'd love to hear from you :)

Co-op Behaving Badly 

This is just gross. 🤢 Ngl, if I lived in the UK, I'd probably be boycotting the Co-op Group. This mentality is a plague on the movement.

So, it's great that phone-in support has been added to, but have any of the other US users noticed that the dial in number looks like this? (34)XXXXXXXX9

🤔 Maybe I'm thick, but I don't know what to do with that.

The Frenchman is skilled at rhetorical bobbing and weaving, but Hudson has an iron chin, and massive power in his intellectual punches.

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Economist Fight Club: Thomas Piketty vs Michael Hudson

Obviously, I'm betting on Hudson.

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COMPOST ISSUE 02 is already here! An awesome, beautiful, insightful effort by @compost about alternative networks built on care & solidarity. We're smitten!

Read it here:

It's a good day to listen to a young Greg Brown in a little mountain college town. 🎶

us pol / dem hypocrisy 

I for one am relieved that this is not happening under the Trump administration, otherwise it might be racist¸ or even fascist. As it's the Biden administration doing this, I'm pretty sure this is totally woke and progressive.

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