@beckett @eqe I was sent this copy to write a review, so depending on my laziness levels, one should be forthcoming in the not too distant future.

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I know what I'm going to be reading while the rest of the fam watches football this weekend.

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question... I've been looking at companies that offer identity verification and KYC like Yoti. Their business model is charging services that need to verify an address or identity for every lookup, which is against a wallet/ID app controlled by the user. It seemed like there could be other models, be it user-owned or service-owned coop — prioritising user privacy or service low costs (or both).. are there any?

@Matt_Noyes Not everybody. Not me. Though I can go to the neigbors if I have to. Power company says 3 sq miles are dark, and they don't know why. Good reminder of how fragile everything is.

@Matt_Noyes electrically. And a lot of us have electric heat. Gonna be a cold night.

@ntnsndr Sounds like it's probably what needs to happen to keep us in line with the bylaws, no?

And I'd be willing to serve, unless there are others who are raring to give it a go.

That trial 

Is anyone actually surprised? Imo, his kind of outcome is inevitable when yr society's options 4 accountability are 1) some really terrible shit, or 2) nothing. Idk, maybe justice requires more than just an ⬆️ or ⬇️ vote on whether action X fits legal definition Y? Maybe we need systems of accountability that aren't premised on this dichotomy of "nothing" vs. "something that will destroy more lives"? Maybe a system designed 2 protect the powerful can't be expected 2 deliver justice?

Just got an auto response email from someone that looked like their cat walked on their keyboard...then I realized it was just from someone in Wales 😂

@beckett Awesome. DM me your email address and I'll send them your way.

So far, the Federation of Southern Co-ops is about all I can come up with.

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Anybody know any developers/TA providers in South Carolina? Going to be talking with some members of a nascent intermodal trucking co-op later today and looking for some ppl in their area to direct them to.

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