Here's's own @mattcropp giving a nice breakdown of the basics of worker co-op structure, governance, and funding. :TwinPines:

Good information on finances and taxes in from The SELC (even if Ricardo's mic is a little sketchy) :TwinPines:

Exciting news: The Compost Cooperative is partnering with Oxbow Design Build Cooperative.

The GEO Weekly Newsletter is out! :TwinPines:

An interview with the New York Music Co-op, and article on Community Land Trusts, and our upcoming webinar on Health Autonomy Beyond the Pandemic.

I put down some of my thoughts about protecting worker-owners from the effects of the economic crash we're facing:

We need to do a better job of spreading risks among everyone in the movement, rather than putting the majority onto the worker-owners -- especially as a lot of people are encouraging co-op conversions of businesses that may well go bankrupt if the economy doesn't recover quickly (which seems pretty unlikely).

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse, @Stacco talks with Owen Kelly about Guerrilla Translation, DisCOs and the marketplace:

A periodic reminder to everyone who's involved with or the :

**Write something for GEO!!**

Now, please.

Seriously, I know you're out there. I know you have stuff to say that's valuable and that needs to be heard.

Write it down, would ya? And then send it to editors[at]geo[dot]coop

We're here for you! Use us!

Talked with some folks in Madison about the upcoming MadWorc Regional Rendezvous. It's sounds badass. The video of our conversation will be posted this afternoon. Watch for it.

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