I know what I'm going to be reading while the rest of the fam watches football this weekend.

Just got an auto response email from someone that looked like their cat walked on their keyboard...then I realized it was just from someone in Wales 😂

This ensures that companies will continue these despicable practices. The *worst* that will happen to them is a cost-of-doing-business fine.

Consider: CMS knows that these scams are such a problem, they've changed their rules to account for them, but they have not gone after any of the companies carrying them out. Curious, isn't it? Or maybe it's just corrupt...

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Who's bright idea was it to give NPQ's website a static top menu with a transparent background??? What madness is this?

Nation building 

Thinking about founding my own nation state. Nothing too fancy, just me and the cat. We'll claim the cabin and the porch as our sovereign domain, and maybe the spot where I park the van. A small state is all we need. Figure we should have a flag though, so been messing around with designs this morning.

For whatever reason, this deer seems to prefer the company of turkeys to thatof her fellow ungulates.

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