My response to @GuerillaOntologist's post on the new California gig-worker co-op bill:

"it's a conversation that I think should begin from a posture of constructive critique, not dismissive ridicule."

@ntnsndr @GuerillaOntologist

Great comment. Quick reply:
Yes to creative rethinkings, but they demand more critical thought, not less.
Yes to worker control, but we need to unpack that term, Those of us with union movement background are intimately familiar with the ways that term can be stretched and abused.
Yes to union/co-op collaboration, but is this P2P grassroots-led collaboration, or collaboration between top officials and non-cooperative employers?
And, UHW-W has a history...

@Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr
" proposal for improving this legislation could be to simply call the federation the co-op, and then have the individual lines of business operate as wholly owned subsidiaries."

-So incorporate a co-op. Why the legislation? Several ppl had this question on birdsite. We already have co-ops and federations, so why involve the Assembly and the Governor?

@GuerillaOntologist @Matt_Noyes I think two reasons a) mitigating antitrust exposure, b) compelling platforms to use these providers. But I am not sure.


@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes
Don't know about a), but there's no mention of b) in the bill. 🤷‍♂️

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