Apparently, this is what happens when you forget to put the frames in a beehive, and the bees get to build how they feel, via Naked Capitalism:


The bees know how to keep humans from harvesting. Interesting pattern they make

@GuerillaOntologist Yes the bees like curly q shapes for comb to help regulate temps in various areas.

@GuerillaOntologist hymenopterans being smarter than humans? yeah, checks out

@GuerillaOntologist that’s beautiful. Also very likely optimal air flow or heating properties. Insects and amazing like that!

@GuerillaOntologist beautiful... i found one like that in an abandoned house.. ill post some pics this dayzz :blobaww:

@StaticallyTypedRice @GuerillaOntologist

if only capitalism would stay far from them. that would be nice.

the reality is that capitalism exploits bee labour (for honey + things like almonds) without moral justification, trap them in horrible lives, and further causes systemic mass death. Same as for humans, really. If capitalism won't recognise the basic needs and bodily autonomy even of the humans that it privileges so much, much less other animals that it downright objectifies.

@GuerillaOntologist bees being bees. I think it is pretty. They will also do that if you don't have an inner cover and violate "bee space" between the cover and the top of the frames. <3/8" they fill it with propolis >3/8" they fill it with comb. :)

@GuerillaOntologist capitalism prevents bees from doing art

let bees do art you monsters

@GuerillaOntologist I can confirm. In permapicolture, giving building autonomy to the bees for their nest is a cornerstone of the practice. @bradypus_tridactylus

@GuerillaOntologist Wow! It looks beautiful. I had no idea bees do this.

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