@GuerillaOntologist including a nice piece by you! Guilty as charged.

When I use the word ecosystem, as I way too often do, I can't help but think of that Adam Curtis Machines of Loving Grace movie and its critique of the term, the removal of agency.

I like the solidarity you call for. What protocols would you recommend to implement it?

I'm glad you liked it 😊

There is no simple answer to your question about protocols, at least not that I can think of - or rather, I can think of some but I don't think protocols are the place to start, tbh.

I'm inclined to believe (& other GEOdes seem to agree) that the place to start is w/ trust building & deepening relationships between cooperators on the local level. What we need is to build real intimacy, not just, say, have a shared spreadsheet of offers and needs.

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