Yea, ass, Prisoners should have the right to vote while they’re incarcerated. They don’t stop being human beings just cause they got scooped up by the state and given their intimate knowledge of our judicial system they have a very valuable point of view in need of representation.


One of the most jarring realizations of my (then) young life was when I was doing some GOTV door knocking in the late 90s and had A LOT of people tell me, "I can't register to vote, I'm a felon."

MT now allows returning citizens the vote, but plenty of states don't. Welcome to democracy American-style 😕

@GuerillaOntologist @denikombucha I am pleased to say that in Florida we recently passed something allowing felons to vote. I firmly believe the for profit prison system is the just about to only one who doesn't want these people voting.


The link to Slave Labor and electoral politics has always been airtight.

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