I want to start a tool library. Why is this idea not more popular?
I didn't want to buy so many tools but my friends don't have them.
So now I have a bunch of tools that I used for one job. They're not really worth the overhead of selling.


Fantastic idea :) I hope you figure out a decent way to keep lenders off the liability hook if people borrow tools they don't know how to use and get hurt. 'Cause I could see that potentially becoming a problem.


@Avalon @mfashby There's a group here that's been running an extensive and very successful tool library since the '80s. They might be a good model to check out in regards to these types of details.


Ace thanks, I'll take a look.
This is just an idea that's been in the back of my mind for a while, I've not given it serious consideration until today.

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