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It’s very funny to me that over the past ~15 years, internet libertarianism has moved from “copyright is obsolete, information wants to be free” to recreating copyright from first principles, except the copyright registry sets the planet on fire.

A podcast my kids like just sent an email with this link teaching them about... SMART goals:

... do I share this with work for those who want a reference on SMART goals?

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Anti-consumerism is just anti-capitalism for victim blamers

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Finding some old stuff in the garage, like this NASA hat which 4th-grade me thought was the coolest hat possible.

(4th- grade me was basically correct.)

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first world problems, glasses 

My nose REALLY hurts all day because the pads on my glasses have gone missing.

I went to the glasses place/eye doctor and they had to order new ones (didn't have any in stock, they aren't a standard design).


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uspol, negative 

i love the deeply transformative new administration, wow things are really different with democrats in charge (these are all from today)


TFW you have to finish all your greens so you have room to use your last slice of bread to sop up all of the egg yolk/flavor still on your plate.

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emotional labor, work 

Opening an old email to someone with immense professional power over you where your emotions were laid bare (but respectful) because of the trauma you were dealing with... not something you should accidentally do when trying to be productive.

note-taking, todo, "have you used?" 

Have you used before?

"Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. The notes are in Markdown format."

A colleague shared it recently and I'm intrigued.

subtooting, race in media 

This podcast was mentioned in a management communication channel at work today, specifically about one episode as helpful on a thing (being vague b/c details don't matter).

Looking at the homepage with the default "show recent" filter I notice EVERY SINGLE ONE of the interviews is with a white dude.

Not a good look.

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Rob Zombie's Food Blog 

More Cumin Than Cumin

I find it telling that so many of the images that come up when searching "zoom background" are idealize vacation places (beaches, mountains, etc).

(Yes, sadly searching for "zoom background" will get you the most/best hits vs "big blue button" or "google meet" or "jitsi".)

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“I hope this email finds you—“ STOP FINDING MEEEEE

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this seems pretty cool?

"Firefox 86 Introduces Total Cookie Protection"

> Our new feature, Total Cookie Protection, works by maintaining a separate “cookie jar” for each website you visit. Any time a website, or third-party content embedded in a website, deposits a cookie in your browser, that cookie is confined to the cookie jar assigned to that website, such that it is not allowed to be shared with any other website.

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ok, so if i want a tape loop in cassette form, is that something i can buy? make?

someone on here knows the answer to this and has Opinions.

I always take more ginger candy than my mouth can handle.

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Those who do not read history will be doomed to say unprecedented a lot.

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