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@redoak I had the same reaction... but the original one gave us some good local community where I live (which is now a part of the Indivisible network) so that's good... I just, am a man and at a loss (so normal for me).

@brennen SPOFs are dangerous, which is why I wish it were open source with a community :(

@brennen thanks, works! Sad the official one is without update for 7 years....

I've (finally?) made a account. While the awesomebar is indeed awesome I'm needing something else.

Which Firefox extension do ya'll use?

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I wish the EFF would stop trying to reform Facebook and start promoting open-source fediverse alternatives.

Putting off a thing at work, backchanneling with the team and I said, out of context:

I'm loosely canon, until I lose my cannon.

I don't know, I thought it was funny!

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@brennen I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to sign up for your mailing list.

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@leonardr I have no idea what this is... do they think they invented the exchange of money for goods?

@cwebber my response on our staff IRC channel when this was shared:

they should have linked both "toothbrush" and "villain" together and just named them both villain. we're good, thank you. I have a box of 20 I bought up in Oregon (Cave Junction) after we fled north via 101 on Sunday. Currently in Fort Jones, CA at a coworker's place and considering a mad dash to Tahoe area.

We also got some VogMask ones that I'm not terribly happy with, especially with how spendy they were.

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@maenad for the record, I can smoke weed and not drink anything with any amount of IBUs over a lager. IPAs give me a migraine within minutes.

I live in CA, where there's legal pot and too many hoppy beers :)

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the top two headlines on wapo right now are about trump's tweets and I wish they (and the rest of the press) would just stop it stop it stop stop stop.

My list of tabs showing air quality and satellite information:

Oh, and nixle, to see if anything burns down close to our home while we're away. how's you and your family doing? Terran just feel asleep on the couch by himself, which never happens. I blame the CO in the air. Kinda worried about it. We don't have a CO detector in our house, but we do in the trailer (in the road in front of the house); it was beeping so much I had to disconnect the battery.

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