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So wy fiancee said they turned multiple people away at the poles at PA-10. For some strange reason all 3 were PoC and "not registered". Also the Republican won by 1%.

If the dems had any balls, which they dont on day 1 they would open an investigation on any close election they lost. But that wouldnt be civil

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I can't get rid of this nervous feeling. s'alright, I should have bailed early after every npm dependency was a WARN :) DSA is growing a ton! looks like a great option! Thanks! Only bad thing: "No videos at the moment" :(

@bobstechsite I'm looking for a way to mirror what my flickr once was, not an alternative, but thanks.

@cstanhope I was hoping someone would get it :) Also, it's the only occurrence in our instance's known universe :)

So, that whole thing. I'm no longer "Pro" and will no pay them more money but have about 2500 photos. Does anyone have a recommendation for a super simply flickr mirroring solution? I'd love my photos and albums/etc to be mirrored somewhere I host.

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the next big milestone is listening to Bela Fleck's Christmas album.

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Hi friends.

Looking for feedback on how to best implement the demand for employee board representation.

Here's some interesting reading from way back in 1986 -- "Why America needs, but cannot have, corporate democracy."

This weekend is my first weekend in 3 weeks.

And my first since being home from our 2 month roadtrip.

@brennen ftr, my trailer is supposedly below 11foot, but I'm staying away from any 11foot8inch bridges with it just because :)

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