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@craigmaloney safe indoors with the windows closed and the air filters going. It's at least a 3 hour drive to get anywhere better. We'll see what we do tomorrow :)

*INTENSE* smoke out there right now in the North Bay area.

On the bright side, my email just now to Unihertz service was responded to in 9 minutes (they're UTC+8). I'm hoping I can somehow just replace the screen.

Remember how I bought one of those really small rugged phones? The Unihertz Atom:

Well, it's rugged and all, but not tough enough to survive a 6000 lb trailer driving over it. It must have fallen off my lap/out of my side pocket onto the ground when I was checking if the trailer was going to hit a tree (it's dark out).

Crap. I liked that phone. :(

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regular reminder (especially to #Electron fans) that not caring about your code's performance means that you are excluding poor people from using it

#programming @trashHeap I have a coworker who last year was running a meeting and said, I quote, "crap, I'm not sure how much longer we have, I forgot to charge my watch last night".

That's.... not the world I want to live in :)

@brainwane I don't know! I'm not a patron of anyone there yet :)

I guess I don't have to worry given I don't plan to upload anything new to flickr in the future and all of my photos are CC:BY-SA:

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Finally feel like I have a good idea of how I will complete this solar installation on the trailer.

I rushed and mounted the 100watt solar panel before our 2 month trip, but (for $REASONS) never completed the installation (golly would it have been nice to have on that trip).

Just did my last order of parts and hope to get it installed this weekend.

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I can't get rid of this nervous feeling. DSA is growing a ton! looks like a great option! Thanks! Only bad thing: "No videos at the moment" :(

@bobstechsite I'm looking for a way to mirror what my flickr once was, not an alternative, but thanks.

@cstanhope I was hoping someone would get it :) Also, it's the only occurrence in our instance's known universe :)

So, that whole thing. I'm no longer "Pro" and will no pay them more money but have about 2500 photos. Does anyone have a recommendation for a super simply flickr mirroring solution? I'd love my photos and albums/etc to be mirrored somewhere I host.

the next big milestone is listening to Bela Fleck's Christmas album.

This weekend is my first weekend in 3 weeks.

And my first since being home from our 2 month roadtrip.

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