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no? what about you @maenad or @aparrish (two relatively active people I know on here in academia) :)

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Who else has a visceral reaction to ?

In grad school they were ALL THE EFFING RAGE (circa 2007-2009).

Give me a graph of words/frequency and I'm happier. for users it's what the date is set as if you type "due=someday".

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tech dystopia 

"hmm, the open office thing we're doing to save money is causing focus problems, what's the solution"
"put the cubicles back?"
"don't work employees for 8+ hour days?"
"horse blinders but for people?"
"YES. HORSE BLINDERS. joe i always knew you were the ideas guy around here"

MH general, general forward thinking stuff 

@maenad <3

@satchmoz I just don't like having to include a full copy of the license for any reuse of GFDL stuff, like images. I've seen t-shirts with a GFDL image on the front with the license taking up the whole backside :/ CC has the "just use a url and you're good" perspective.

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Please take fifteen minutes today and make sure you have a proper backup/emergency kit for your password manager!

If you can, place it offsite.

You’ll thank me later.

We're home.

The house is surprisingly in good shape for not having anyone live in it for two months. (Aug 16 - Oct 16).

The last few days I've been saying "I don't want to stop". We've been having such a fun time. The boys loved the trip. I've loved doing things with them in the woods at night. And now we're back to the same-old-same-old.

of course, I did also see a guy in shorts and a t-shirt, it's just the wedding gown thing on a Monday :)

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It's 30 degrees out. A 40ish? woman in what appears to be a strapless wedding gown walks down the road of this small Nevada town. It's 11am on a Monday.

I'm confused.

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RT There's this weird phenomenon where I can secure my account in a Harry Potter fan forum with as much entropy as I like no problem.

But passwords for my bank, my paypal and my government tax account can't be longer than 20 characters and don't like spaces.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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Fascism, cry for help 

@dblenses For those whose main language is English, this reporting from The Guardian seems to be a good place to start understanding the situation in Brazil. It is scary.

computer industry 

@craigmaloney the idea that people can't learn new technologies on the job is crazy.

If I could find a place that had yoga sessions with this as the music close to me, I'd be there in a heart beat.

Are you in Pittsburgh? You should go:

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