friend death, cancer 

He was a coworker of mine for a number of years who I always appreciated talking with about anything. A kind soul.

Tell your friends you love them.

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I really think the panic over altered Halloween candy is just media-driven nonsense. My Milky Way bar was exactly what it said it was.

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corporations are magickal; formed from arcane incantations of an ancient guild's learned practitioners, they shape the physical realm according to designs of the unseen world

people enter into bargains w/ them, accepting binds in exchange for power; they are as real as you or I

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🌍 Latency heatmap map by organization or network provider

The data from the RIPE Atlas probes can be used to find the minimum latency from anywhere to a given cloud provider, CDN, or other organization with its own AS network across (usually multiple) physical locations.

Example for Wikimedia Foundation:

#webperf #peering #ixp #internetaccess #isp #cdn

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That feeling when you were at the start of a long task that you needed to reference one wiki page for and then bam, networking issue between you and your work's primary hosting.

Spend the next 45 minutes quasi-helping/watching the response to it with coworkers.

What was I doing again?

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It's time to break out the fingertip-less gloves for the morning shift.

I kinda want a way to sort my bandcamp collection on

I'll admit I frequently just go there to listen to things (and items on my wishlist) instead of via my local or NAS or nextcloud copy.

So, is it a bad sign that my laptop alternates between charging and not charging when plugged into my docking station (via usb-c)?

I had to turn off "show battery percentage" in GNOME shell because it was expanding/contracting my top bar items every 5 seconds.

I've had inconsistent behavior from this setup the past ~6 months: needing to re-plug in the usb-c to get it to actually charge (instead of just the other docking station features like monitor/mouse/keyboard).

brings back memories of sitting in the basement playing my dad's CD collection on repeat on the big loud speakers. Meat Loaf and Pink Floyd were to the top two (with Meat Loaf in a distant second).

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and yes, I know he's a quintessential boomer but there's a good reason this came up in my head this morning. Trust me.

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No reason really, but I just had a strong desire to listen to Meat Loaf's "Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back"

@joeyh the world IoT promised but we won't get.

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@brion gosh I want to go be in the middle of nowhere forever.


@trashheap I kinda feel the same. If we had a truly progressive party then we'd actually get shit done and people would like us more than "at least they aren't the far right".

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