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@brion you have too many computers.

@jalefkowit I tried this in my town and none of the pharmacies, including rite aid, even knew of the program nor had any paxlovid in stock. :(

The band Morphine. Good stuff. That's all.

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There was a time when people like me referred to content tagging as “folksonomy,” in case you were wondering how far up our own asses we used to be

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The first union in a AAA studio (by Vice's counting) has just won the NLRB vote to bring itself into existence, after announcing an intent to form back around January.

The union in question is not big— about 28 members, comprising the QA team of a sub-studio of Activision Blizzard that does overflow work on Call of Duty titles— but unionization is so rare in games it's still a milestone. Interestingly I guess this means it will also be a rare union within Microsoft?

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@encelado @kadin totally re both points. But this is the LA area and the photos/descriptions are pretty clear about the customer base :)

medical, subtype surgery(minor) 

I need a growth removed from my lip. Really simple small incision operation.

My primary physician recommended a couple plastic surgeons to do it.

Looking at their websites today and.... I am not the target patient. These websites are almost NSFW with their images representing breast augmentation and liposuction.

I kinda miss using the HMO plan vs this PPO plan.

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@craigmaloney heck yeah.

Now you've drug up those great memories of working on my undergrad CS degree to UMN in the computer lab full of sparc stations. Learning both LISP (Scheme) and how to set my wallpaper THAT WOULD FOLLOW ME ON EVERY COMPUTER I LOGGED INTO was magic.

And then, learning how to login to those machines from my dorm room. And then feeling the pain trying to do it over dialup from Missouri over Christmas break....

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Scully completely wrecks a entomologist with a single stare. Mulder hallucinates sasquatches in his apartment.

@craigmaloney watch his Egyptian SNL skit when he was early 20s. Looks the same

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