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So, what are they suggesting is the draw of the video, given the image and the warning?

And unsupervised kids have this app everywhere at school.


The youngest (6) hasn't had swim lessons and today at the pool asked to go in without his floaty.

I obliged and taught him some basics and the kid is just loving it up. So much excitement. Can go about 5 or a little more feet safely.

He wouldn't get out of the pool. Except for some chips and salsa.

Went camping with a school group. Made my Greg-standard small fire.

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I'm a with my investments (aka: invest in broad index funds and just keep buying when you can, try not to time the market and don't sell if you can manage it).

This came across my feed today and <3

Context for those unfamiliar:
* ARKK is a managed fund by "super star" investor Cathie Wood that has big investments in eg Tesla
* SPY is an index fund that follows the S&P 500.

parenting ref 

The view and the weather aren't bad.

This was along the walk yesterday with my youngest while the oldest was doing his mountain bike club.

We were having a full-on 6 year old imaginary life in this dry creek bed. He loved making "smell packets"; folded up bay leaves with rosemary inside.


The boys built a magnifying glass wood burner bipod out of two pieces of scrap 2x4, a castaway cabinet hinge, and some duct tape.

The oldest only asked me for ideas to connect the two pieces of 2x4 and I reminded him he got that box of hinges down the road a couple weeks ago. He knew he wanted them just wasn't sure why at the time. One used, about 30 more to go.

I liked the day-long burn, though.

Covid, travel 

I was in NYC for a work trip this week. Here's my family picture of daily test results.


What doing a lemonade stand turns into after 10 minutes.

Temporary setup for the new fridge means using the old microwave on top. But, the doors of the new fridge extend above the top so I had to lift the microwave.

Used the best tools for the job.

(You can't see them when the doors are closed).

Selfie with EC 

New phone, new haircut, who dis?

Our rotating compost bin is growing some sweet looking shrooms!

I wish I knew what kind they were before I have to rotate it next (I decided not to yesterday when I saw this!).

I've never seen this explanation of how different cultures communicate so explicitly.

Late stage masculinity 

I finally found one in the wild.

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