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btw, one of the in-progress things is a Financial Planning Statement (using examples from

Attached is a screenshot of my TOC.

It's not done yet (some of those sections are blank/TODO, like my glide-path asset allocation to/past retirement, re-balancing plan, risk tolerance) and I haven't printed it out and gone over it with C (wife) yet so we can verbally agree to it (it has some commitments in it).

Is there a community here?

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Can I just gloat for a minute?

One of my teams has a quarterly "Yak Shaving Day" (or week) which is cool but the coolest part is the graphic they have for this edition:


Here's the google maps summary of our August travels, in picture form.

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FTR, I typo'd "mh" as "me" in the CW originally. I almost left it.

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1) Today, 2) yesterday, 3) yesterday sunset photos of the mountains. I think it's better today.

I have a fever and feel like crud. I want to do some relaxing things on my computer.

I also have my work Firefox profile open with god knows how many google docs.

Decided to close it.

building fire 

Well, the old bowling alley in Ojai that's been closed down/boarded up for years just burned down.

Photo is the view from the backside, where a subdivision backs up to the old building.

Most of the glow was from the emergency vehicle lights, not the fire anymore at that point.

It's about half a mile as the crow flies from our house. We could hear the chain saws the firefighters were (and still are!) using.

Washing machine plumbing. Before and after. Notice the corrosion on the original hot water line. And the valves leaked.

New fancy box installed with pex pipe and shark bite couplings, like the amateur I am. :)

Still need to do the drywall. I'm just waiting until tomorrow morning when I verify no leaks. First 10 minutes after passed the paper test.

A new hole in the roof (my first, unless you count solar panels on a trailer). Before, after, and debris shots. Finished right before sundown. Now the dryer can vent correctly.

kid posting, pokemon 

Gotta catch them all!

My The Beverly Crushers t-shirt came today. I'm super excited! My wife just laughed at me.

picture, female in dress, spam 

I'm a Direct of Engineering and my email is public, so I get a lot of cold call emails trying to sell me services (aka: spam!).

This one made me feel uncomfortable.

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