Family trip, camping 

First night of spring break. We made it to a KOA near Palm Springs.

The boys loved the heated pool. But it was so windy that getting out was COLD!

Washing machine plumbing. Before and after. Notice the corrosion on the original hot water line. And the valves leaked.

New fancy box installed with pex pipe and shark bite couplings, like the amateur I am. :)

Still need to do the drywall. I'm just waiting until tomorrow morning when I verify no leaks. First 10 minutes after passed the paper test.

A new hole in the roof (my first, unless you count solar panels on a trailer). Before, after, and debris shots. Finished right before sundown. Now the dryer can vent correctly.


My Sennheiser HD555 headphones just broke :(

Thank you for your 10 years of excellent sounding service ($9/month).

kid posting, pokemon 

Gotta catch them all!

parenting, christmas, nerdery 

11.6% of things to wrap left!

So close!

(Yes, I have a spreadsheet of gifts to keep track of aunt/cousin gifts, grandparent gifts, santa gifts, and our gifts. Statuses included "Delivered?" and "Wrapped?")

Lost those cover pins for your RC car and yes Christmas time? Just use some ornament hooks!

Parenting, birthday, picture 

My oldest turns 9 today.

We listened to the 911 call recording from when he was born (long story, he was fine).

Then breakfast of oysters, mussels, squid, fried squash, and blood orange soda in wine glasses.

Next a pinata.


When the boys are just quietly paging through books you let them even though it's past bed time.

At least the oldest has already brushed his teeth (proof in the picture).

My The Beverly Crushers t-shirt came today. I'm super excited! My wife just laughed at me.

picture, female in dress, spam 

I'm a Direct of Engineering and my email is public, so I get a lot of cold call emails trying to sell me services (aka: spam!).

This one made me feel uncomfortable.

fire smoke 

Good morning from the west coast.

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