My son was just logged out of his Minecraft account on his tablet then after logging back in all of his worlds (the ones he's built in) are gone. He can create new ones from the things he's purchased (still available in his account) but all his work with eg xor gates is gone.

I've looked at the file system from my laptop and I can't find anything other than what it shows in app (iow: I can't find the old worlds).


@Greg Oh no, I have no idea, will boost.

@Greg was he logged into his microsoft account before? this happened to my son when his tablet failed to auth to his microsoft acct one time

@Greg sad to hear that. Sounds like a server glitch. Worlds are typically stored on the server, so there's little you can do on the client side. Next time try #Minetest.

@Greg Is that in the Java version? Are there other installations in the a launcher? You can set them up to have different locations than the default (an windows in %appdata)

@Gregor tablet, so the Pocket Edition (which is written in Java since it's on Android, afaik, which makes their naming conventions annoying).

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