every time i pick up some new electronic device that cleverly uses magnets to attach a thing or keep a thing closed or whatever, i'm like but what if i put this in my bag with some kind of magnetic media and it fucks something up

@brennen I didn't get to use my reMarkable during our road trip this summer because the stylus fell off on my futon before leaving.

I really need to find a good case for it+stylus.

@Greg i finally wound up ordering an etsy one the other day after realizing the same would happen to me sooner or later.

@Greg etsy.com/listing/955016584/rem

hasn't shown up yet, so i'll withhold opinions. i feel like i was looking for an all-felt one and then got kind of overwhelmed with all the "this is an ipad case but we tagged remarkable on it 'cause why not" options.


@brennen looks nice and that stylus holder is cool. Give the review when you get it :)

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