Can I just gloat for a minute?

One of my teams has a quarterly "Yak Shaving Day" (or week) which is cool but the coolest part is the graphic they have for this edition:


@cwebber my backup username is goat-g :)

@Greg Oh wow... thanks to your post I discovered the expression "Yak Shaving" and 😍 I need to illustrate this asap.

@Greg 😆 Here is a sketch.

I'm not sure the sentences I wrote for the speechbubbles works, are catchy and/or sounds good English.

Any quick proofread/dialog help from anyone native English speaker reading this thread is welcome. :blobcatheart:

@Greg @liw Thanks! I'll correct and I'll use it for a blog post tomorrow. 👍

What is yak shaving day?

I know about the dependency chasing activity. And a quick search tells me Ren and Stimpy had a day named that.

What do you do on this day?

@kingannoy the etymology comes from

Basically, work on the things that are blockers for other work you are supposed to be doing that aren't necessarily what you're supposed to be doing :)

And hopefully self-contained and don't need a lot of interaction/review from other teams, but that's mostly because we're time boxing it and want people to get movement/things done.

I couldn't imagine how that would work as a activity. But now you confirmed it, and I thought about it some more, there are some yaks that I should be shaving.

Never thought about it in that way before, always saw yak shaving as unnecessary detours, but often shaving them saves you time in the long run 😅

I also didn't know the original etymology, I only knew the classic Malcolm in the Middle explainer gif. Thanks for that 😃

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