corporate social media, feelings of belonging 

I just had a strong desire to cross post a thing from here to the bird site or the book of faces.

I have been reading both of those (and sometimes leaving behind a trail of faves/likes) lately and I feel bad about it.

But dang I still have desires of belonging.

corporate social media, feelings of belonging 

@Greg yeah part of the problem is one often gets loads more interactions, even orders of magnitude more, over there. such is life, I suppose

corporate social media, feelings of belonging 

@danielhglus and completely different sets of people.

Here: I've met maybe 1/10th of you in person.

There (at least on FB): I've hugged the majority of them.

Anywho, nothing new here, just a random confession. :)

corporate social media, feelings of belonging 

@Greg @danielhglus yeah, you know, not being on facebook keeps me saner on balance, a lesson i've had to learn a couple of times now.

it just happens to come at the price of slowly evaporating most of my extended family relationships as i miss out on nearly all communication, and cutting me off from most of the friendships i might form/sustain and communities i might participate in, so no big deal really i guess.

(i continue to hate everything.)

corporate social media, feelings of belonging 

@Greg I joined a gaming community a few months ago. That solves most of my social needs outside work! Twitch, discords (oh god so many discords), and a wiki. A perfect storm of things to absorb or contribute to! And all low priority, but over-abundant in quantity, so I never feel the need to "keep up" (because that's impossible and not worthwhile). - tldr, maybe get yourself a new hobby, and ignore those generic social networks. ;D

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