recommendations please

Alright ya'll, I need some heavy, droney, reverb-into-your-soul, vocal-less music for nighttime stretching/meditation (really).

Genres that typically fit the bill are post-rock/post-metal, but happy to explore others. I like it when it grows/crescendos throughout the song(s).

Bonus points if they're on or otherwise easily acquirable in good quality downloads.

Boost welcome!

@Greg Do you put Isis, Pelican, Rosetta etc under that post-rock/post-metal umbrella?

@Greg Do you know Long Distance Calling? Not all of their Songs are instrumental, but you might want to check out Avoid the Light and Invisible Giants.

@Greg explosions in the sky. Esp "the earth is not a cold dead place"

@keverets they, and Do Make Say Think, got me into this genre oh so long ago. :)

@Greg first thing that comes to mind is Explosions in the Sky.

@jos they, and Do Make Say Think, got me into this genre oh so long ago. :)

@Greg I went to high school with some of the DMST cats! Ha! I can't believe i left off Godspeed You! Black Emperor as an option too.

@jos niiiice, I really enjoyed their albums back in college.

@Greg give this a shot:

by Black Walls —

It's a few years old, but sounds like what you're looking for. I think this was the artist's last audio release*. He's an illustrator now.

*: apart from maybe a single of the carol "Gabriel's Message" done in a dronecore style

@Greg check out C418 on bandcamp - just listen to the non-Minecraft stuff eg „One“ or „Excursions“. Although the Minecraft OSTs are also pretty good.

@Greg depends on how heavy you need. Not so heavy: My Sleeping Karma, Toundra, Electric Moon. Heavier: Belzebong, Earthless.

Maybe Les Rallizes Denudes "Heavier than a Death in the Family", but at night it may crush your soul.

@Greg you're welcome. Earthless I think are from your part of the world. Hope all is well with you & yours

@philbarker same to you. All are healthy here, the boys are growing a lot lately (and together, which is great)!

@Greg Excuse the self promotion, but my last release ticks some of those boxes:

Might not be heavy enough, but give it a try.

@Greg bohren and der club of gore isn't on bandcamp but they tend to really hit the spot

deathprod is on bandcamp and this album is one of my all time favs:

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