I feel like bookmarks are good but insufficient. What I really want is something more akin to a personal Wayback Machine.

Does anyone know of a tool to do that easily? I could write a web scraping tool easily but I feel like this must already have been done.

@emacsen I believe there's a Firefox extension that basically saves every web page you visit. I forget the name. Possibly @Greg would know?

Maybe a name like memex?


@liw @emacsen Yup! That's it: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

I had it installed for a while and it did what you want, it was just a bit unstable at the time. Haven't tried in over a year so maybe better now?

@Greg @liw @emacsen i had a similar experience. it seemed like a fairly powerful set of ideas, but it was too crashy and resource intensive at the time. might be worth revisiting.

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