This might be a weird question, but what computer mice do you recommend? How segmented is this market really?

Wired is preferred, really. Normal orientation (aka: not vertical, which my current one is). I'm not a gamer.

@Greg - My Logitech wireless mouse has aged well, and it looks like ZaReason is reselling a similar model. If I were buying a new wired mouse, I'd skim through Monoprice's list, and gamble on cheap, well-rated (but available) one from Monoprice:

@Greg Logitech, both corded and Bluetooth./

M100 - corded and cheap
M557 / 535 / 537 Bluetooth mouse.

@Greg Only issue with Logitech mice is the switches give out after about 2-3 years so you'll get some ghost clicks or no clicks. That said I haven't found anything else that works nearly as well.

@craigmaloney @Greg I also usually go with the Logitechs, though I tend to go cordless with the USB dongle that goes with the keyboards also. Seem adequate :)

@brion @craigmaloney @Greg when i finally got sick of charging the batteries on fancy wireless mice, i went back to these:

i don't even know if you can still buy 'em, but i have a stockpile dating to my days as the person who fixes your printer and fishes a new mouse out of the pile in the supply closet...

@brennen @Greg @craigmaloney @brion I have a stockpile of no-scrollwheel 3-button USB mice, not because I fished them out of a pile, but because I'm a UNIX-obsessive who actively set out to buy a lifetime supply.

@Greg Logitech MX Master, is my current mouse of choice.

Can be used wired and wireless. If wireless, battery lasts 2-3 months, chargable by using over USB.

I choose it for its ergonomic grip (avoid tense/hovering fingers). It is slightly slanted and has a pad to let hand and thumb rest.

I have both finger top buttons and thumb side buttons enabled, I alternate to avoid repetitive strain.

Scroll supports ratched or silent free spin (I prefer the latter).

@Greg Logitech M500.
But also, Meece! (silly/random parts of my ancient image collection)

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