Re last boost:

"As one worker put it, “We’re basically Whole Foods but with more bourgeois prices.”"

@Greg I am not paying attention to a discussion here, but I wanted to point out a line to folks new to reading about #coops:

> Grocery coops are consumer coops, not worker coops.

That applies to the article in question. There *are* worker-owned grocery coops (such as here in #Oakland).

The article is on point, but words have lots of meanings. ^_^

@maiki There are also consumer coops, though many of those are closer to consumer-worker coops -- members had to work n hours/month.


@Greg @GuerillaOntologist I'm a bit curious if other consumer coops have the same problems, or if grocery coops are particularly problematic.

@nev @Greg @GuerillaOntologist There are exceptions, notably one of the largest natural foods grocery coops in the US (PCC in the Seattle area), which has a union contract.

@nev @Greg There are exceptions, but I think it's fair to say that large consumer co-ops pretty regularly end up treating workers in a way that is all but indistinguishable from their capitalist counterparts. REI is one example that springs to mind. They went out of their way to stop a union push in Seattle while paying their CEO over $3 million/year.

@nev @Greg And just for perspective, a structural engineer can expect to make ~$3 million over the course of an entire career....

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