I don't have or want comments directly on my blog, but I'm experimenting with having a fediverse "thread" for each blog post.

(Don't actually expect any responses, but we'll see.)


@liw I remember bkhun doing that back in the status.net days, seemed OK, but then, you know, identi.ca died and now his post comment thread history is gone. :/

@Greg bkhuhn doing that is my inspiration for doing it on Mastodon. I admit the long-term archival problem is real, but I'm not sure I care enough to solve it at this time.

@Greg How many times can one misspell Bradley Kuhn''s nickname in one discussion?

... which compounds the problem of archival with the problem of even searching and finding it ;-)

@lxoliva This is true, but it's not a problem I want spend my own effort in solving. My choices are:

a) moderate a discussion board (comments directly on blog), which I reject

b) have no comments

c) direct people to comment on the fediverse

I'm going to see how c) goes. If it doesn't, I'll go back to b).

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