So, that whole thing. I'm no longer "Pro" and will no pay them more money but have about 2500 photos. Does anyone have a recommendation for a super simply flickr mirroring solution? I'd love my photos and albums/etc to be mirrored somewhere I host.

I guess I don't have to worry given I don't plan to upload anything new to flickr in the future and all of my photos are CC:BY-SA:

@Greg give it some time and @pixelfed might be a good alternative 👍

@bobstechsite I'm looking for a way to mirror what my flickr once was, not an alternative, but thanks.

@Greg I haven't kept up with development, but I was always interested in MediaGoblin.

@Greg "Franklin Street", I haven't heard that in a while...

@cstanhope I was hoping someone would get it :) Also, it's the only occurrence in our instance's known universe :)

@Greg That secures and backs up your photos. Then you get some commodity hosting and use Media Goblin for a open source self hosted Flickr that you control.

@Greg several solutions are listed at
Also, from you can request a data archive which should contain all your photos and videos, profile data and such.
That way you can at least fairly simply sync your photos/videos to a different platform with sync options. Not sure yet if the archive contains any metadata such as comments, title and description though. Will let you know once my archive is ready (and I've freed up space to download it).

@Greg I’m on the fence about flickr. They’ve had a lot of change in the last couple years. Why are you not continuing with them?

@Greg After reading a post from the SmugMug founder (and new owner of Flickr) I renewed my Flickr Pro.

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