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I've noticed a lot of overlap between people who have problems with content warnings and people who demand spoiler warnings. Have a little empathy, folks. Just as you don't want Game of Thrones ruined, other people don't want to relive their trauma over and over again.

Yes, I'm sticking with this meme format, unfollow me now plz

Thesis: Diogenes

Antithesis: Alexander

Synthesis: Still Diogenes

Thesis: Government shouldn't control people

Antithesis: Capitalists shouldn't control people


Boost the #composting symbol to raise awareness, get municipal composting in every city, and usher in the #solarpunk future


No matter how many of these hairs I remove, there'll always be more... 😭

Spanish Politics 

Looks like they're finally going to exhume #Franco from his bullshit monumental tomb. I hope they fire him out of a cannon.

#Spain really hasn't dealt with the legacy of Franco, and this hugely exacerbates issues like regional nationalism. With any luck, this is the beginning of a proper truth and reconciliation process.

El Gobierno inicia el proceso para exhumar a Franco

Fuck Franco. Desenterrar el cabrón muerto para pudrirse al sol! No pasaran 🏴

birdsite is a fuck, amazon is evil and flailing (twitter screenshots, late-stage capitalism) 

apparently amazon made employees create astroturf accounts just to tweet at anyone who talks about factory conditions at amazon which is totally not propaganda and
i dont even KNOW how to fucking talk about this this is so nuts

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