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Thesis: A decent person

Antithesis: Piers Morgan

Synthesis: A decent person punching Piers Morgan

The mountains may melt with the sun, the trees may blow away with the wind, the world may vaporise with the heat death of the universe. But sooner or later, motherfucker, you're going to Google Murray Bookchin

Any Europeans looking at starting a permaculture project, or improving one you have already? Ecosia is helping to provide funding (€100,000 each) for people that want to regenerate the soil, while (literally) reaping the fruits of their labour


It seems like no matter what I'm doing, my brain seems to find a way to make me feel guilty about it, a thing that's more important, that I should be doing instead...

The biggest caveat with OSM navigation, for me, is the lack of public transportation navigation. Now the nav system seems to function properly, this would be an ideal addition.

fav if you hate golf

boost if you think golf courses should be turned into public housing or be environmentally rehabilitated to their natural ecological state

ignore if you hate golf but are also a coward

i'm a post-scarcity anarchist in the sense that i'm an anarchist and i have a scarce amount of posts

I find it amazing that this government thinks it can handle several multilateral trade deals at once, when it can't even make the 13:00 train arrive at 13:00

If I have to enable >3 javascript in order to get your webpage working, you have a bad webpage and you should feel bad

Anyone have a playlist, they can share? Necesito la musica de natura!

Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco is the quintessential text for understanding Fascism and its doctrines. A must-read (or listen) for any antifascist

@yuri56 Nazis are bad and I do not want to give them a platform for recruiting.

The Sunbeam City cooperative is now fully up and running! 🌻🌻🌻🎊 Anyone who shares a passion for social justice, Anarchism, ecology, tech or is just curious about cooperatives can join us and help run the co-op and take part in decision-making! Membership costs just one euro a month. We're in very early days so you can help shape our goals and plans.

If you'd like to know more just DM @cocoron or join our chat!

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