Now that I've made a contribution towards the sustainability of this platform, it feels right to post.
Active in since the 80s, I'm into the bit where and come together, i.e.

My current worker co-op is, while I also spend time doing things through and most recently helping create
I'm also working to build a network where I live.

@Graham_Mitchell does your worker co-op have any examples of your work? Particularly on the CiviCRM / Drupal implementation? :) Might have a client for you.

Here's a few: (Civi handles membership, email marketing, events and contacts). A straight ahead implementation. More complex (but all behind the login so nothing much to see) are https://hcvnetwork/als (where there is a full blown case mgmt system with membership mgmt and lots of additional Drupal integration; - an extensive loan application and assessment system that sits behind their front end WP site at

@Graham_Mitchell very cool.

Have you done e-commerce implementations before? And do you do the handles everything from design, front and back-end - or do you sub-contractor parts out?

@samtoland Hi Sam. I've done a few low key ecommerce-ish sites (e.g. a system selling places on training courses), but not done an online store using something like Drupal Commerce yet. In terms of UI/UX design, I can do this but it's not my strength so I generally work with a contractor/partner. The last project I did, we worked with a worker co-op from Greece which is a very strong Drupal shop.

My approach is to avoid custom code unless it is truly necessary. It is costly to both create and maintain.

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