So where can I buy ethical cloud computing?


So, it looks like pretty much all of the real world offerings in terms of hosting and digital infrastructure are aimed at the retail market. Fine if I'm buying services as a consumer or a small organisation.
If we are serious about growing the movement don't we need a full blown cooperative cloud service. Could all of these burgeoning tech coops collaborate to create such a thing? Cloud may be a commodity, but it sure looks like it's making a pile of money for Jeff Bezos.

@Graham_Mitchell if it wasn't for privacy of data, I think a federated model woulf be ideal for ethical cloud computing. Instead of buying access to a lot of computers from a single company, you'd buy access to a computer from a lot of companies/coops.

Or maybe some coop-run marketplace inspired by a true sharing economy model, that makes it trivial to buy time/space on a computer - with some methods for establishing trust between the parties.


Agreed. As I understand it, and I'm not an expert in this by any stretch, the whole concept of cloud is that the platform is abstracted from the underlying hardware, and can therefore notionally utilise a range of hardware, and presumably the physical location of that hardware is not critical, other than that it is suitably networked.
If true, then servers in the US and servers in the UK, for example, could underpin the same cooperative cloud platform? Or am I way off beam?

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