I don't know where is with respect to its relationship with opencollective, but I spotted the other day that they are incentivising the creation of 'chapters'. Not sure yet how this differs from 'hosts'. is looking to use opencollective, and wondering whether there might be scope for cooperation?


What kind of cooperation do you have in mind? We still use Open Collective though we voted to switch to Sarapis. See this thread:

@Matt_Noyes Apologies for slow response. My thoughts:

1. OpenCollective is offering a $1000 grant to new 'chapters' plus a $1000 in match funding against the first $1000 committed by users. As i understand it a 'chapter' is either a citywide thing, or a global vertical, in their eyes. So I'm thinking for coops globally. Within that could host the UK, and maybe (or Sarapis) host the US pieces.

If it takes over time we could self-host.



Where is the new chapters grant info? I didn't see it on the OC site. Overall, the concept is very interesting and a perfect item for discussion in our possible Coop Devel. Working Group ;-)

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