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Graham @Graham_Mitchell

Just received the OpenCollective leaderboard email and is number 3 with 20 new backers.

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@Graham_Mitchell I go that email too. So 157 people are financially contributing, which is about 14% of people on Seems low.

@dajbelshaw Yeah, I don't know what the plan is in terms of encouraging people to contribute. I'll need to dig around in the Loomio group.

@Graham_Mitchell @dajbelshaw the bylaws provide for sending reminders, every 3 months I think

@dajbelshaw @Graham_Mitchell How many people are active out of the 1000+ members? I tend to see the same few names day after day on the local timeline. If someone signed up for an account and wandered off they won't be paying.

@Graham_Mitchell @dajbelshaw @iona Yeah, one goal I have for the Tech WG once the ops team is established is to process some data that would be useful for the self-understanding of , like stats on daily/weekly/monthly active users, etc.

@mattcropp @dajbelshaw @Graham_Mitchell The great thing about all this is that all Mastodon instances (and others) are just making this up as they go along and coming up with so many different ways of sustaining operations both financially and logistically. It's exciting!

@petar If you are a contributor to the OpenCollective then you'll get a newsletter email from them, assuming you are opted in to that, I guess.