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Here’s the equation for an awesome compliment according to Marshall Rosenberg:
- Think of something someone has done to make your life wonderful (Do not use names like, you're smart, brilliant, or great, instead explain what they did to make your life so great)
- Think about how that specific action makes you feel
- And finally what need of yours it fulfilled (eg, honesty, peace, connection, meaning, play etc)

So: another’s action+your feels+need it met+actually saying it= amazing compliment.

Okay. Deleted Facebook, deleted Instagram. Feels good so far!

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Why settle for being just customers, when you can be the OWNERS of your social network? Come join us at and see what a truly open, cooperatively owned and democratically governed social network looks like.

The Asch or the Asch Paradigm refers to a series of studies directed by Solomon Asch studying if and how individuals yielded to or defied a majority group and the effect of such influences on beliefs and opinions:

Only 5 percent of participants were always swayed by the crowd. 25 percent of the sample consistently defied majority opinion, with the rest conforming on some

@lightone As for reducing the risk of testicular cancer, ovarian cysts etc, sure - if I hacked off my tits I'd reduce the risk of breast cancer, but I'm not signing myself up for that, regardless of the potential future benefits! 😂

Both dog and cat currently at vet getting their gonads removed. There was a lot of pressure to do it - esp from other dog owners - but I had read up a lot of counter-arguments, mostly from Scandinavian countries (in Norway it's illegal to neuter dogs). This was why I sat on the fence about it for 5 years.

But since the dog's aggression towards other dogs was getting worse, and since we had already arranged to get his kitten bro's balls removed, better at the same time...

Hey @Antanicus :) @mayel and I have begun planning how to collect resources for HAHA Academy! Wanted to know your thoughts about the range of questions we've come up with so far! The doc's available here:

The last question is a first stab in the dark as to how to gather info to create dependencies between the topics. I've seen it done well within textbooks (like in the image below), but want to create more of a cross-category dependency system 🍎 🤓

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HAHA itself will be completely gratis and libre (, , ), and will focus on indexing and curating (and later producing) freely available content.

Our mission is to empower humans of all ages to continuously follow our passions and curiosities, and become more enlightened individuals.

cc @Gin @dajbelshaw

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Proud to have launched phase one of HAHA Academy (an online platform @Gin is starting up): (make sure to check out the of human knowledge)

We're now officially a organisation (registered in Estonia, thanks to the ease of e-Residency) and would welcome contributions from volunteers (, curators, designers, developers, etc) and donors.

Please spread the word, and get in touch if you can help in some way!