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I just got asked to participate in a conference because it's too much of a sausage fest. I was like sure, I can run a workshop, do a talk, what do you need? 'I need you to read what I've written word for word up on stage,' says the 'woke' organiser. I told him I wasn't comfortable doing that, but that I could write something up. 'No, that's not what I need,' said he.

So much sexism is unconscious, it's a clusterfuck to pin down. Esp when a man thinks they're one of the 'good guys'

Dual inheritance theory:

Human behavior is a product of two different and interacting evolutionary processes, genetic evolution and cultural evolution. Genes and culture continually interact in a feedback loop, changes in genes can lead to changes in culture which can then influence genetic selection, and vice versa.

One of the theory's central claims is that culture evolves partly through a Darwinian selection process.

May is one of my favourite months thanks to the lovely old Jacaranda tree outside our balcony that blooms up this time of year!

"Another intriguing possibility is that the concept of autonomy could allow the human race to achieve a without the involvement of but rather through a more novel framework of human interaction and collaboration equating a "

- Ryan Walker, Decentralized Autonomy and Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero

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@charlag solarpunk sounds like steampunk except instead of using steam it uses the sun, and instead of being victorian bullshit it's actually good

@nev Your posts about spiders has made me change the way I interact with them.

Whereas once upon a time they'd trigger a fight or flight response, now I look at them as sharing space. The way you describe them helped a lot with that - that someone, somewhere finds spiders so arresting (and talks about them often) made me look at spiders with new eyes.

Jodorowsky's quote also helped my spider phobia:

A spider says: 'If you squish me you kill a problem, but you don't resolve your phobia.'

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Temporal autonomy is a very important freedom and I would even say human right that's worth fighting for! It has so many unexpected positive side effects.

Such as watching a video at 4:20am on a Wednesday where Terence McKenna blows our minds talking about how "biological systems [like humans] are amplifiers of quantum mechanical indeterminancy".

Edurne boosted members -- lots of discussion on Loomio right now that is relevant to the future of Social.Coop -- please check out important proposals by @mayel and @rbenjamin

? !

What is the role of emotion in the classroom, and how do teachers talk to students about emotion? Is it treated as β€˜noise’? Okay in small amounts? A barrier to learning? And do emotions happen to you, or do you create emotions yourself?

I created this infographic for teachers about my latest research that included 750 teachers from Greece, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Please forward it to any teachers in your life! 😺

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The eight-hour day is an anachronism when at current levels of productivity most people should be working only three. It was an achievement more than a hundred years ago when Uruguay made it the law in 1915, but it's not a great thing to not make any progress in a hundred years.

The show must move on.

The HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) West wants to build cities now.

Got me thinking about what cities would look like if they were built new. Each one with its own aesthetic, and its prioritisation of specific values.

Before Trump won all the white nationalists were talking about was an opt-out option. Would that be the future of lib-municipalism?Alt-righters in one city, anarcho-primitivists in another, ancoms in one place, liberals begging us to stay put?

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@enkiv2 Politeness becomes a terrible vice when not accompanied by strength of character, indeed.

When I started the quixotic journey to create a taxonomy of all human knowledge the most common (and well meaning) questions people asked me were: Why? What’s the point (you know Wikipedia exists right)? And the more obvious: Are you bonkers?

But I started because a taxonomy of knowledge primarily designed as a teaching resource ceased to exist. So, yeah.

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On this , I wish for myself and all others who so wish to fully liberate ourselves from wage labour (including freelancing and 'gig economy' work).

So happy to be dedicating the majority of my time to solidarity, cooperative, libre, commons, and pro-bono work πŸ˜€ 😌 πŸ™ƒ

Self-directed cooperation FTW!

Absolutely incredible! 😍😍😍 Janelle Monae nailed it like only weird girls can

Just uploaded my video application on behalf of HAHA Academy for the Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship programme!!

Feedback appreciated, I'm submitting it to them on Monday!

No one is going to give you the you need to overthrow them

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Long Live the Pirate Queen of Science! Alexandra Elbakyan is a graduate student in Russia. She has made tens of millions of peer reviewed research publications -- many of which report results of work funded by public money -- available to everyone in the world, regardless of their economic means: