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by age 35 you should have your own portal to hell. not mooching off your parents

TFW you find a person wanting to 'streamline' and bring 'order' to a project by centralisation

“The utopian, immanent, and continually frustrated goal of the modern state is to reduce the chaotic, disorderly, constantly changing social reality beneath it to something more closely resembling the administrative grid of its observations.”
― James C. Scott

Good warning for “Designed or planned social order is necessarily schematic; it always ignores essential features of any real, functioning social order ... the simplified rules animating plans for, say, a city, a village or a collective farm were inadequate as a set of instructions for creating a functional social order, The formal scheme was parasitic on informal processes that, alone, it could not create or maintain.”
― James C. Scott, Seeing Like a State

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Hey all, I guess now is a good time to annouce that I'm delighted to be working with @mayel on the project. He's joining Moodle on a six-month Technical Architect contract.

You may see some toots from us referencing a design sprint in London this week for the project. We're partnering with Outlandish, a worker-owed tech , for that 👍

More about the project:

I just got asked to participate in a conference because it's too much of a sausage fest. I was like sure, I can run a workshop, do a talk, what do you need? 'I need you to read what I've written word for word up on stage,' says the 'woke' organiser. I told him I wasn't comfortable doing that, but that I could write something up. 'No, that's not what I need,' said he.

So much sexism is unconscious, it's a clusterfuck to pin down. Esp when a man thinks they're one of the 'good guys'

Dual inheritance theory:

Human behavior is a product of two different and interacting evolutionary processes, genetic evolution and cultural evolution. Genes and culture continually interact in a feedback loop, changes in genes can lead to changes in culture which can then influence genetic selection, and vice versa.

One of the theory's central claims is that culture evolves partly through a Darwinian selection process.

May is one of my favourite months thanks to the lovely old Jacaranda tree outside our balcony that blooms up this time of year!

@h I recommend getting your hands on one of his books, he’s amazing! Coincidentally, I just invited Seth Tobocman to join! Hopefully he moves here :)

"Another intriguing possibility is that the concept of autonomy could allow the human race to achieve a without the involvement of but rather through a more novel framework of human interaction and collaboration equating a "

- Ryan Walker, Decentralized Autonomy and Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero

@Bobo_PK Yes, which works great as a 'check in' too!

@Antanicus This is my theory on ancaps: They have an extremely positive image of themselves, but an extremely negative image of nearly everybody else, so they think money is their salvation from having to rely (or participate) in meaningful relationships with all us other ‘stupid folk’. These capitalists are shit scared — of other people especially — and their human-hating ways have created a human-hating ideology which we need to expose and undermine at every opportunity.

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@charlag solarpunk sounds like steampunk except instead of using steam it uses the sun, and instead of being victorian bullshit it's actually good

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