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@Antanicus I purposefully didn't play the wii last night to test the theory - went out to the Athens observatory with @mayel to go look at Jupiter and its moons instead! - and sure enough, I didn't have these night-long dreams.

Mind you, today I'm back on the wii haha!

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We've had a Wii for a fortnight now: every day I play it, the game gets incorporated into my dreams.

Last night: The rhythm heaven game became a 'clock' for the running of society - if I didn't hit the second hand at the exact time a bit of the world exploded - I realised the futility of top-down clock keeping and shared the responsibilities. After that was decentralised I had to cut down - like in Zelda - all the centralists that wanted to run the clock themselves fearing others incapable.

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Went to an interesting event last night about solidarity with the Kurdish cooperative movement in and around Rojava. Is there anything on this happening in North America, or anywhere else for that matter?

Hiya @priryo 😺

I wrote about the process here:

I'm still working away at it nearly every day, and all the recent updates can be viewed on the wiki:

Before Phase Two gets started @mayel and I are finishing a skills section that will also be used by the Open Cooperative Ecosystem:

+complete the review of how other educational websites tag their resources (especially from a learner rather than teacher perspective)! phew!

@iona gotta love Verso 😺 (with its tankie love and all, no one is perfect)

Verso sent a different GDPR email: if you let us keep contacting you we’ll give you 75% off our books for one day. They certainly did.

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I love this project: a riverbed in Amsterdam was drained and the ~700,000 found objects dating from the 1300s to present were photographed and presented online:

Parasocial relationships are strong emotional bonds with people you’ve never met and who do not relate back to you—or can’t, if they are fictional characters - If you’re good at making friendships in the real world you’re also good at experiencing parasocial relationships.

Like our social relationships in real life, parasocial relationships vary in type and depth. Relationships can be profound and develop over decades, while others are more like casual acquaintances.

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I'm presenting with @mayel2b about this morning at . Here's the slides we're using:

Whether or not you're here in Barcelona, please free to ask questions (English/Spanish) as replies to this toot and we'll get back to you!

@wu_lee @krumbukt I can really relate to this - once I've finished a draft I show it to my amazing but salty friends who will give me amazing advice - any time before that and they will squish the idea out of existence

My rant against the OECD (amongst others) and their perpetuation of a single model of emotional competency valid across all cultural contexts. Solution? Decentralise social and emotional education baby!

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The obvious answer to why cats sometimes stare for no reason is they probably saw a bug or shadow

But I like to think they're actually seeing the faint traces of distorted spacetime as trans-dimensional visitors pop into and out of our universe

"The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction." - William Blake

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I dread the day that silicon valley 'discovers' the fediverse and it starts getting popular in a Big way.

the day that happens is the day that VC money starts pouring into startups that will try to 'develop' (ie systematically colonize, commercialize, and exploit) the fediverse, which is, as of today, one of the few non-capitalist (as in non-commercialized) spaces left on the internet.

how do we prevent this from happening? how do we make it impossible for this to happen in the first place?