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Verso sent a different GDPR email: if you let us keep contacting you we’ll give you 75% off our books for one day. They certainly did.

Finished the cat’s playground today! Some ikea shelves (+ bath mats) and a ladder made out of 20 meters of rope. As soon as I‘d finished with the rope the cat clawed his way right to the top (and shortly after was fast asleep on the uppermost shelf) :)

TFW you find a person wanting to 'streamline' and bring 'order' to a project by centralisation

May is one of my favourite months thanks to the lovely old Jacaranda tree outside our balcony that blooms up this time of year!

No one is going to give you the you need to overthrow them

Both dog and cat currently at vet getting their gonads removed. There was a lot of pressure to do it - esp from other dog owners - but I had read up a lot of counter-arguments, mostly from Scandinavian countries (in Norway it's illegal to neuter dogs). This was why I sat on the fence about it for 5 years.

But since the dog's aggression towards other dogs was getting worse, and since we had already arranged to get his kitten bro's balls removed, better at the same time...

Hey @Antanicus :) @mayel and I have begun planning how to collect resources for HAHA Academy! Wanted to know your thoughts about the range of questions we've come up with so far! The doc's available here:

The last question is a first stab in the dark as to how to gather info to create dependencies between the topics. I've seen it done well within textbooks (like in the image below), but want to create more of a cross-category dependency system 🍎 🤓