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Edurne @Gin

The HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) West wants to build cities now.

Got me thinking about what cities would look like if they were built new. Each one with its own aesthetic, and its prioritisation of specific values.

Before Trump won all the white nationalists were talking about was an opt-out option. Would that be the future of lib-municipalism?Alt-righters in one city, anarcho-primitivists in another, ancoms in one place, liberals begging us to stay put?

@Gin Neofeuds raiding each other. Some of them Mad Max style. Adorable!

@h But extending libertarian municipalism into the future, one where it has succeeded to take root in multiple cities and people are obviously free to move around, doesn't it make sense that just like a FB bubble people are going to surround themselves with like-minded people?

@Gin Pockets of freedom are unlikely to be evenly distributed, and re-arranging them geographically will be daunting. I think the federations will be logical more than geographical, establishing good neighbour relationships with other bridge federations that we may find disgusting at times.
Probably nothing new, it must have been more or less the same during the days of Arabic Spain, or among the many kindgoms before the unification of Italy.

@h Nothing new but still worth fighting for!

@Gin Oh definitely, just acknowledging that it's not something I came up with.