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is distinguished by its insistence that the underlying problem with society is our . and the not only cause extraordinary material suffering and , they also rob us of the ability to play a meaningful role in our own lives and communities .cultivate the new society within the shell of the old by eroding the state’s popular legitimacy and dissolving its power into face-to-face people’s assemblies and confederations

@Gin is municipalism somewhat capitalist in nature (I only know a little about communalism in regards to bookchin)

@kirosaima Hiya ^.^ Municipalism is the main component of communalism, which in turn is built from Bookchin's social ecology theory: that nearly all of the world's ecological problems stem from social problems (in particular, capitalism's 'grow or die' habit). So in short: No, municipalism, if anything, was conceived to undermine capitalism, or kill it, stomp it, light it on fire etc etc etc :)

@Gin Ah okay, so I guess Bookchin focuses more on the superstructure than the base?