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So far I've micro-lent $425 on Kiva from deposits of $160, focusing on women needing seed goods to start businesses. It's easy, effective, and efficient - come join me if you can? kiva.org/i/DpwaYoPtwtL

@flancian I have mixed feelings about microlending. like it's better than nothing but I kinda feel like the last thing people in poverty need is financial debt. what if microlending was just microgiving

@vera @flancian Then it would accomplish less with the same resources. Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank that he founded managed to get plenty of people out of poverty with microlending, if those were microdonations he would have helped much fewer people, because the money, once donated, does not come back. He even wrote a book about this story, it's a very good read

@vera @flancian For example, one story went like this: a woman didn't own a tool that she used for her profession, and she had to pay a high rent on that tool. By lending money to her so that she could buy that tool, the bank saved her plenty of money, and when she paid back the loan they could help other people.

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