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People are dying from poverty and lack of education in the shadow of Harvard University - right outside the gates:
In its most recent financial report, released 10/14/21, it also reported a 33.6 percent return on its endowment, which has now grown to $53.2 billion. (Boston Globe)

Tomorrow 7/29 at 3pm ET - How do we work together on larger projects?

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Join Stefan-Ionut Tarabuta he demonstrates the latest version of Business Tracker (, a product of the NOVA Web Development Co-op (

Agaric's awesome client, The National Institute of Children's Health Quality (NICHq) thanks us for the work we have done on their website. They have been helping to stop a lot of diseases from spreading rapidly. We thank them for their work!

What could this be about? Could it really be about loving Google so much that I offended their sensibilities? If this person is a friend of anyone that I know, please reach out to them. I do not know them, but they seem to be hurting.

Is this how we want to see our neighbourhoods? Are you a suspicious Stranger? I bet you might be - to someone. Happy Amazon ring doorbell company is being sued.

In case you missed it... Some of the companies that collect and trade your GPS information

Some of the companies that collect and trade your GPS information

This kind of says it all. The moment was captured by Russian journalist and photographer Ilya Varlamov. © Ilya Varlamov

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