So I'm going to stop using the #SolarpunkResource tag. I don't know if it just wasn't snappy enough, but it never caught on like I hoped it would, as a hub for #practical knowledge and #DIY instructions

Instead, I'm going to try and introduce a new one: #StealThisTag . Again, I encourage anyone to post practical resources with this hashtag! Let's help each other out!


(P.S. If you're scrolling through the tag right now, this is your cue to switch to #SolarpunkResource for my older posts in this vein)

To kick it off, here's a very interesting use for a busted flat-screen display of (almost) any size: as a fake window

Apparently the backlight and its screens wind up making very, very convincing artificial daylight. Making one of these could improve your mood if you spend a lot of time in windowless rooms (or if you have #SAD ), or otherwise could just be a nice-looking light source anywhere

(The lights themselves will require either fairly complicated rewiring or straight-up replacing, though, so don't get into this if you aren't open to minor electrical work)

Here's the vid, beware of ad from the title card at :59 to 1:13 and everything after 12:26

#StealThisTag #recycling


@socalledunitedstates *lol - I saw a news article where someone was busted for selling an old oven door (the kind with the window) as a large screen TV. Apparently they just attached a cord w/plug on it - ha ha ha!!!

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