I ordered a few from Floating World Comics, including the one with the included cover image (Night Hunters issue 1, 2nd printing). Very exciting floatingworldcomics.com/shop/c

People always told me men/boys are easy. But I’ve been rejected by nearly every man I’ve pursued. Same as any other gender. My rejection rate is like 9 out of 10, period.
Afaik everything I’ve ever been led to believe about human sexuality in terms of generalizations is pure mythology.

What kind of person would deny a hungry person sustenance because they don’t like where the bread came from? It’s beyond condescending to assume everyone who doesn’t share your ideals is ignorant and working against their own interests. Especially if you have bread and they don’t, what would you know about hunger anyway.

I’m not gonna accept every social political idea that crosses my feed just because a meme says I have to accept one perspective as absolute, or else be labeled an enemy of the people. I actually believe in a multiplicity of truths and recognize that all communities have a diversity of opinions. Because I’m not a fascist.

At some point though, the training wheels have to come off. You might make a mistake, but what do you do when you make a mistake?

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If you find yourself avoiding using any for someone because you’re struggling to use that person’s pronouns, and you wonder, can we tell? Yes, we notice that you are avoiding pronouns. And that’s okay, because it means that your is shifting and that you’re actively trying to reduce harm while you assimilate new information.

I’ve never seen a using a or any other type of mobility aid. I wonder how many talented cosmetologists have had to set their dreams aside due to a lack of in the profession.

When I was living "as a woman," my social life was about 500% better than it is now, which I think is the only part of my gender transition that I regret. That, and the fact that now people rarely compliment me, and if they do they add the caveat that they don’t want to f*ck me. As if I became a thirsty sex demon and suddenly want to bang people I never showed that type of interest in before.

Please touch with your eyeballs this digital illustration of one of my , which I drew using .

Welcome to my where I tell you things about myself. My pronouns are they/them. Some things I enjoy:


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