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NEW VIDEO: Coping With Chronic Pain (Part 2: Prevention)

a video where I talk about how to not be in pain

these sorts of informational disability videos don’t perform as well on YT, so comments, shares etc are especially appreciated 💜

I can’t find the original news report, but sometimes last year or so, a bronze animal head was found and it was determined that it had an organic body that dissolved. Probably a toy. I knew I couldn’t make the bronze part, but that inspired me to make a toy dragon out of leather. Dyed with food coloring/vinegar and sealed with bee’s wax so it’s nom nom safe. #dragon #toy #mastoart #art

When you want to be the same as your best friends, but at the same time want to make small statements 😀

Guess which pair of trainers belongs to our child 😆

Wasn't planning on foraging while in the woods this morning, but when presented with some lovely mushrooms, we can change our evening food plans 😀

Some really nice scabers and a penny bun 🍄🍄🍄

Reckon it's going to need probably three coats/applications.

Two would be fine we are sure, but given how long it spent under snow/ice this winter, three is probably better for timber low down.

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Deck of the den sanded back and given it's first coat of oil.
Given the temperature, it will be dry soon enough 😀 Not that we intend a second coat until tomorrow.

The rest of the den is getting fresh paint later on. A brighter blue over the existing, and covering the cream with a bright yellow. Going for the beach hut look a bit like those on the Norfolk coast. Was tempted to go stripey, but our patience for painting is not that great.🤣

When it is hot, abandon the paths and just travel in the river as opposed to alongside it 😀

Mostly a wade, with a short swim.

(Selfie, eye contact)

May I get two followers to copy and repost this message? I’m trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Es hört immer jemand zu.

US 1-800-273-8255

UK 116 123

GER 0800 1110111

All Cops Are Numpties?

Scots cop called officers for help after being pursued by drone but dot in sky was actually Jupiter - Daily Record

Hmm, what's that weird outgoing traffic on the network monitor? 🤔

<fires up nethogs>

Oh, that's SAMBA, and a quick look at the files, reveals eldest child is watching anime in her room from one of the drives on this box 🤣

Really should have guessed without looking... 🤦


We have a set of tools that can accommodate metric, imperial, JIS, various thread pitch standards etc.

However, it would be much easier if these were not mixed at random across the same damn part.

Hardtop manufacturers, we are looking at you...

Passed over the Linn of Quioch today.

Stopped and took shoes and socks off for a paddle as it was lovely and warm.

Stopped by Tomnaverie stone circle on the way back today.

Which it quite a nice spot. Phone camera does not do it justice 🤷

Where do you put your nuclear bunker when planning? A few feet from a stone circle apparently 🤣

An odd combination of old and new. 😀

Went for a shortish walk with our wife this morning intending to have lunch at the bridge and dangle our feet in the water.
Weather was so lovely, and water so inviting, it turned into a swim 😀

When cooking outside on a fire, the smoke tends to get in certain peoples eyes.
Some people can seemingly attract it. It follows them, or their chair, not sure which.

However, the pandemic does lend itself to providing a solution of sorts 😝

Does make getting the ketchup on your hotdog trickier though... 🤣

"This study, called for by autistic people and led by an autistic researcher, is the first to explore ‘autistic inertia,’ a widespread and often debilitating difficulty acting on intentions. [It] is unique in considering difficulty initiating tasks of any type in real life settings, and by gathering qualitative data directly from autistic people."

“No Way Out Except From External Intervention”: First-Hand Accounts of Autistic Inertia

Now, we *only* have Chromium on the machine for use with the NHS Near Me video service. (Which could be made to work with other browsers, but 🤷)

But it baffles us that given it offers nothing appreciably different as a piece of software in terms of features or performance, that Chromium takes SO long to compile.

Indeed, Chromium compiling on all 8 cores will fail on 16GB of RAM, and needs 32GB to build consistently.

7 hrs vs 1 hr.
What does that extra 6hrs really gain other than heating 🤣

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