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What do you call a group of eight hobbits? 

A hobbyte.

Less than 24 hours until a new kitten joins the household.

Loki is our older cat, so he is getting a little brother.
New cat will be called Laurits after the human form of Loki in Ragnarok
Figured as Laurits was the annoying little brother in that, it kind of fitted 😸

Going to actually have to remember to close outside doors for a while until he is good to go outside (jabbed & neutered).

Youngsters have even tidied yo make the place kitten suitable 👍

Mountain pack knife, a garden version of this fillet knife but shorter and broader, seemed to take oiling quite well.
On that basis, we decided to apply that to our favourite.
Complete disassembly this time.
Sanding the handle and immersing it (weighted) for 3 days before drying and reassembly.
Adjusted the pinch gap for opening a tad with a small file.

Had to be thorough this time as a child had got melted wax all over it this past week 😝

(Image of blade below)

Back in our local woods again.

Good to stretch our legs and forage a few chanterelles for tea as we are having burgers from the butchers.

Sadly, had to skip visiting sister in law on the way back.

She had a colleague test positive, and we couldn't be sure we wouldn't bring it back to here. One of our daughters friends is clinically vulnerable, and the consequences were not worth thinking about.

(She hadn't told or tested her kids either, so contact with any of them was a complete gamble 😬)

England, and built up areas were a culture shock. First fuel stop and 3 people were in paying without masks...

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It had become a family ritual, get up take a covid test each, report it to the care home in time for a late morning visitation 😀

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Just realised, having got back home from being away, that this is the first day we haven't taken a lateral flow test for a while...

Quite nice not having to trigger the gag/cough reflex, and then nasal discomfort 😀

It has been worth it though. After ~16 months, we got our MIL outside of the care home (carefully) to visit the park around the corner in a wheelchair, and then later to visit the memorial to her husband in the woods.
Possibly for the last time, so worth carefully managed risks 👍

Oh, and let us be clear.

Autistic people are capable of a full range of actions, from benevolence to terrorism.

But, we *suspect* an unsubtle characterisation, in the way being coloured, Muslim, or a migrant, may well be deployed by some populist politicians.

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Obviously, violence can be accepted as being effective and also something a person does not wish to engage in.
Stupidly phrased/coded questions are going to catch out all sorts of people.

Prevent was awful when we were trained in it when it started. Everything we have heard, shows it got worse as it developed.

Now, we suspect, Westminster will taint autistic people with the *might be a terrorist* in the same way they have with others they do not like.

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When asked in class
"Is violence an effective way of achieving changes in society?"
one of our children in the past replied yes.
Subsequently, they were held back and questioned under the initial stage of the schools PREVENT policy.

For a question that was expecting a response to what should have been asked "Do you think violence should be used as a way of achieving changes in society?"

How many autistic people get caught out by badly phrased and framed questions?

Do you use LibreOffice?

Please help share.

Please tell your purposes with #LibreOffice in the comments.

So it has begun.
In the leaf litter not more than 500 paces from the house 😀

From tiny beginnings springs forth much voluminous fruits in the coming weeks


I wish some of the self-appointed internet autism advocates would understand that adhd people can in fact experience things like sensory overwhelm and misophonia, these traits are not exclusive to autism, and adhd people talking about our experiences with them are not ‘invalidating autistic people’ and we’re not all ‘pretending we’re not autistic to avoid stigma’ (as if adhd doesn’t come with a pile of stigma as well)

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