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NEW VIDEO: Dealing With Chronic Pain (pt 1)

a video where I talk about what I do when the pain is bad

usual stuff, share about if you find it useful or know someone who will, comments on the video feed the algorithm and all that 💜

ukpol, trans, Mhairi Black MP, + 

Mhairi Black, MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire South, offers a thorough, insightful account of the orchestrated anti-trans campaign ignited by the US far right and sustained by a self-serving British press, accurately calling out the themes recycled from the "gay panic" of the 1980s. 7m20s long, but it'll feel like half that.

Given that 3 decades ago, it was an offshoot of a Methodist Church that tried to drag us into a form of conversion therapy, this is massive progress.
First same sex marriage, now this.
Credit due for finally changing

Methodist Church bans conversion therapy 'in any form' after unequivocal vote

Any attempts to use prayer or coercion to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is spiritual abuse and a perversion of the gospel message of love and mercy.

Better shot of the horses, so you can see the lead male brown horse. The grey is a very elderly female, and they have only just got to know each other this week.

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Random old day today.
Visited our future feline addition, who will stay with mother cat until we return from travelling.
Walked two elderly horses, and found some impressive king boletes in the woods.

What we *hadn't* given thought to is our new signature 🤣

Going to have to figure that one out before our witnesses sign copies in a few days 😀

Our old signature, is nothing like our handwriting. Which, like many people's we are sure has changed over the years.

Slightly complicated, by the fact that we have different handwriting depending on who is fronting. (Easy to spot who added to shopping lists 😝)

Going back to that childhood thing of practising signatures.
Not something we considered.

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We have already entered into name limbo, where we are on record as both old and new names. Which is something we are trying to minimise, as it's both jarring and causes confusion.

We had this at our second vaccination, where we were under different names for the GP record, and the vaccine centre. To their credit, they fixed it there and then, but always a slight stress.

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Ho hum...

Deed Poll name change is convoluted when you are resident in one place, born in another. Enrolled vs un-enrolled, self generated vs using a solicitor etc...
It *should* be so easy, but although a simple method *should* be accepted by all, everyone's experiences seem to wildly differ 🤦

Anyway, lumped down on a simple self generated on on home print to velum.
🤞 We get the order of organisations right after that, as of course that matters too 😮

You know that 'rumble strip' on the side of motorways that warns drivers they're straying too close to the central reservation?

Turns out in some countries they play tunes...

(via @adamprocter)

Was very warm yesterday.
Braved a car park, and it wasn't too bad, but there were a lot of people out on the hill.

Got to travel down to England for a few days to visit our MIL who has not been seen by our wife for a *very* long time now.

Hence, we felt like getting a bit of height under our belt before the flatness of Suffolk.

Linn of Dee -> Sron Riach -> McDui -> Derry Cairngorm -> Linn of Dee.

Now, we are sure ratings are less important to them than generating outrage online, but it's still amusing to see them beaten by Paw Patrol in Welsh 🤣

GB News trounced in viewing figures by Pobol y Cwm - and gets five times fewer than Welsh language Paw Patrol

GB News’s viewing figures have slumped below those of Welsh language S4C shows such as Pobol y Cwm, the latest figures reveal.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Beul na h-oidhche.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Sunset

Sometimes we're fortunate to get a lovely drawn out sunset during the summer months.

#scotland #schottland

School has a neglected wooden mud kitchen, which our wife salvaged and got the children to sand with sanding blocks we made for them.

Brought it home to restore and treat it over the summer.

Today started well as the pound shop had steel mixing bowls that fit the holes perfectly. £2 well spent.
Will be looking in charity shops for deeper pans that fit as well for variety, but a good start.

Planning on adding hooks/pegs and the like before oiling it and sending it back 😀

Woah, TIL that there are so-called fractal vises for clamping irregularly shaped items! (The picture doesn't explain it very well, you have to watch it in motion! It's in the first 30 seconds of the video:)
#tools #HandTools

Yup, agree with the sentiment.

Unpicking and rebuilding infrastructure to move to a better more local solution, well that's going to be tricky....

Doesn't mean it shouldn't be looked at as a goal though.

Just read an interesting little book. Took about 90 minutes (whilst waiting in the truck) so a short read.

Not a huge amount of practical knowledge, short on detail, more tales and signposting to things worth researching further.
But, that was still a good start.

Now started a book on Scots Herbal Lore, which is much more practical, and hopefully will flesh out some of this.

The first weekend after the state of emergency was declared over. I hiked Mt. Tokushunbetsu and Mt. Horohoro.

NHS, GRS funding question 

If you live in one of the UK's member states, obtain a GRS surgery referral, and then move to a *different* member state (eg from Wales to Scotland), what happens to that referral, given you've moved, in this case, from NHS Wales' jurisdiction and funding to NHS Scotland's? Is it all back to the start, or do NHS divisions transfer such responsibilities?

Sometimes Scotland is great.
Other times...

England got Jo Maugham.

We got Joanna Cherry 😬

One punches up and helps to support all sorts of minority groups, the other, well...


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