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Finishing coffee, then setting a bike up on a turbo trainer in the den for use going forwards.

It's not ideal, but *way* better than not having that option.

Also on the agenda today it to start casting a concrete rocket stove for the garden.

Folded paper all day
Anxiety dropped 90%

Tutorial coming up

We have been channelling our inner Beaker.

Why were the virtual server redirects on the router we brought back to life not working?

Because we were being a muppet.

Configuring them on the CORRECT INTERFACE actually is important to the rules functioning as expected. 🤦‍♀️

We are ashamed.
Normal service has now been resumed... 😝

Social isolation, lockdown. Prison perspective. (Self harm, suicide mentioned in podcast) 

We may have flashed new firmware to the router, soft bricked it and removed the ability to access the internet for the house for a while 😝 Cue some frantic hacking about to get everything back before anyone came home and noticed.
Being the reason we had no internet access while undergoing social isolation from tomorrow would probably have not been popular.

Indeed we may have had to self isolate in the shed to avoid retribution 😃

Covid19 UK Change of behaviours, observations 

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Covid19 UK Change of behaviours, observations 

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Covid19 UK Change of behaviours, observations 

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Covid19 UK Change of behaviours, observations 

Keep it as a general rule and replenish as you can and you will tend to feel like you have a buffer.

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Also, where food and ability to store in modern ways may be unreliable for many reasons, it's not a bad idea to consider the order of what you consume.

Having lived in areas where power and amenities can be unreliable.

4)Fupboards 😝

Fresh or foraged food first.
Then what's in the fridge, as it'll not keep that long if the power dies.
Freezer next, sure power going effects that, but it will keep for quite some time even after that.
Cupboard, dried/cured goods last.

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Some older wisdom.
Not ours.
Passed to us, and through us.

The best place for spare food is in the belly of a friend.

Something to perhaps bear in mind in less certain times.

Overheard in Tesco: "Gonnae no staun sae close tae me, big man? A'm tryin tae dae that fuckin social distancin."


Coronavid-19 / Coronavirus + 

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